Sending and receiving SMS has never been this easy!

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Just enable your desktop and web applications to send SMS messages with GuruxSMS media component.
Note: You need to be using a modem that is capable of sending SMS.

Gurux GXSMS component offers

  • Ways to utilize triggered events; notifications of errors, media state changes, and received data.
  • Easy way to follow up the traffic; built-in, resettable counters, for sent and received messages.
  • Choice to select the component to send data synchronously or asynchronously.
  • Choice to set an AT command, send it to the modem, and receive the result of the command, if available.

Get started with GXSMS

Before using GXSMS, you need to set at least following properties:

  • ReceiverNumber
  • Port

The receiver number is set by entering the phone number, to which the SMS message is sent, and the port by selecting name of the serial port, which is used for communication.


Activate the SMS component by using Open method. When the port is open, properties can no longer be changed. After opening the port, and connection, use Send method to send data. The port must be closed with Close method, after using the connection.

When using GXSMS component, always listen to OnError event, as all errors that occur after the connection is established, are sent through it. Received data is received through OnReceived event.

If you're facing problems with connectivity, use Properties method to show connection parameters.

Easy to use

Using the GuruxSMS component with different development tools, such as Access, Delphi, Visual Basic, Java ,Visual C++, c# (csharp), VB.NET (Visual Basic.NET) and Managed C++ is very easy. With the component you get a Visual Basic sample that shows how to use the communication technique. Gurux communication medias have been made on the Windows API interface. Due to this, the components are very efficient and do not require external libraries or DLL files to operate.

Main benefits of GXSMS

  • Open Source
  • Components are easy to use.
  • Requires no external libraries.
  • Components are small and efficient.
  • Supports Windows XP/Vista/7.
  • Works with all versions of Visual Basic and VB.NET.
  • Easy to use with VBScript and Java Script.